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Merchant Solutions

Made for YOU

Your business is unique, you deserve a payment tool built just for you. See how CentricPay can customize a suite of merchant tools specifically for YOUR businesses.

what we do

Let’s Build Your Business a Better Merchant Solution, Together

As a merchant services provider, it’s certainly always tempting to tout revolutionary tools that make merchant services smoother, faster, and easier no matter what you’re selling…

But the truth is, that tool just doesn’t exist, and frankly, it shouldn’t!

At CentricPay, we recognize that every merchant is different, just like every customer is different. And frankly, if what your business needed was EXACTLY the same as what your competitors needed, you probably wouldn’t be all that competitive in the first place, right?

So instead, let’s talk about what you really need — a custom tool built to maximize what your business does best.

Custom Tools, Flexible Pricing

When you spend enough time in the payment processing business, you learn a lot about what really matters to people. Just like your customers, you want pricing from any tool you use to be simple, straightforward and stable.

Pricing should be just as transparent as the tools you use for your business, with no surprises along the way.

Flexible Pricing Options with No Wasted Dollars

Pay for what you need, and nothing you don’t. Too many payment solution providers lock businesses into broad bucket pricing plans that end up costing you extra for tools and capabilities you will never use.

That just doesn’t sit right.

No Long-Term Contracts, No Surprises

You will never be locked in to a long-term contract. Your payment solutions provider should be your partner, working with you to understand your needs without having to worry about being locked into a contract.

Choose your plan, understand your price, know you have a partner!

Let’s Build a Plan for You

Ready to discuss your needs and start building something great together? Get in touch to craft a perfect plan for your business. Call us today.

Award-winning software

Let’s Build Something Great Together

In the end, we build CentricPay because after 20+ years of doing this, we still get the biggest thrill out of helping businesses solve real problems. We want to hear your story, and we want to help you built a better solution.